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Meet Jemmila



Can you tell us about your interests? 

I’m currently studying English, Philosophy and Politics. Outside the classroom, I have always been involved in sports, whether it’s playing on the football, rugby or cricket team. Basically, whenever there's a fixture, I'm involved.


Which extra-curricular activities have you been involved in? 

Crayford offers quite a wide variety of sports and opportunities. I have been part of the football, athletics and rugby teams. I also had the opportunity to coach Year 7- 9 football teams and referee games, which was such a great experience as I enjoy sports and inspiring the younger years. It's fun being part of a team. Within school, it is easy to fall into being obsessed with friendship groups, but I have tried to break away from this and I feel like I am friends with most people in Sixth Form. I think my involvement in different sports teams has had a big impact on this because I have got to know different people and build strong relationships with them. 


Can you tell us about your experience as Head Boy? 

Normally, I don’t enjoy being in a position of responsibility because I prefer to be on the same level as everyone else. It has been interesting for me to take on a leadership role and the added responsibility because although I wouldn't naturally take that path, it has been quite a rewarding experience. Whether it's speaking in assembly or taking part in the Remembrance Service, the school has encouraged me to do things that I wouldn’t necessarily volunteer to do.


What are your plans for next year? 

I have applied to do Media and Journalism at Loughborough, Cardiff and Sussex, and to do Sports Journalism at UCFD and Brighton. I am very keen to continue playing football because I love it and the social aspect of it pushes me to meet new people and try new things. I hadn't really considered attending university, or sixth form, before speaking to Miss Prior about my plans for after school. I had always been set on doing an apprenticeship as an electrician and thought it was the only thing I could do in my area. It's quite a one route place – school then apprenticeship then work. But Miss Prior helped me realise that if I wanted to do something different then I could and without her encouragement I probably wouldn’t have attended sixth form or applied to University.


What do you think makes Crayford unique? 

One thing that I love about Crayford is that I feel like I can always speak to staff members, no matter what is going on, and they will listen to me. I have a good relationship with my teachers, whether it's having a chat or giving advice that has really made an impact on my life. I will never forget the moment in year 9 when my form tutor sat me down and challenged the way I had been behaving that school year. He was very open with me and spoke to me on my level, and as a student I really appreciated that from a teacher. It had a massive effect on me.


The teachers will help you no matter who you are or what you want to do - whether its to do a local apprenticeship or go to Oxbridge – they will give you the resources and the support that you need to try your best to achieve your goal. From a chat in the morning to a two hour revision session after school and everything in between, they are always there for us. 


What makes you feel most proud of Crayford Sixth Form?

I am most proud of the community feeling around the school. I’ve been here for nearly 7 years so I do feel at home at the school but I really couldn’t imagine myself at any other school or college. I live quite far out of the catchment area and I actually heard about the Year 7 music scholarship through a friend who was sitting it. So it was by an off chance that I heard about the opportunity to get into the school!


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