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Meet Aaron



Tell me a bit about your interests

I’m currently studying Sociology, IT and Business Studies. I am hoping to further develop my IT skills at university by studying business informatics. I also hope I can continue to pursue my love for football. 

Outside of school, I’m a black belt in karate, I captain my football team and take part in the police cadets. I’m currently working towards my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. I also have a YouTube channel where I create motivational content for others. I started it during lockdown because I thought I might be able to cheer people up during these tough times. I talk about things that I think resonate with people. For example, one of my videos was about being positive and what positivity really is. People don’t have to be happy all the time but its important to remember that on the bad days, the good days will come. I just try to create content that others can relate to.


How have you found your role as Deputy Head Boy? 

I have had to deliver lots of speeches but it has been a great experience. I wrote and gave a speech at the Sixth Form Open Evening to Year 11 students. I suppose the main thing is being a role model in everything I do, whether it’s the speeches or helping others. I have definitely matured in this role and learnt that it’s not just me. People are looking at me so I have to set an example in the things that I do.


Why did you choose to stay at Crayford Sixth Form? 

I did look at a few other places in Year 11. I actually joined Trinity at the start of September but I realised that it wasn’t for me and came back to Crayford. The big sense for me is Crayford's unique community and I feel like I can achieve more here. There is a lot of support from the teachers and they really care. If I’m falling behind or need help, I know that there is someone to turn to and help me out.


What has been your experience of being part of the wider Haberdashers' community? 

Last year, I was a member of Crayford's the Haberdashers' Livery Awards team. We had to come up with a pitch to compete against the other Haberdashers' schools and present it at the Haberdashers' Hall. Before the presentations, we were all invited to a meal at the Hall. It was then that I realised how big we are and it really did feel like one big community.


What makes you feel most proud of your Sixth Form? 

I can be myself. I think that’s a big part of being at Crayford Sixth Form. I am comfortable being myself and not feeling judged, and over the last few years I have grown and matured a lot because of this. I think this is very important at school. 


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