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Physical Education

Physical Education

Overview of the Physical Education Department

The PE department consists of 5 teachers, with a range of experience in education and wide variety of sporting specialisms. The PE department strives to provide accessible and competitive sport for every student in the academy, which will see them develop  lifelong habits that promote a healthy and active lifestyle. 

We aim to ensure that all students: 

  • achieve their personal best in the subject 
  • experience competitive sport at some level while at the academy 
  • gain an academic qualification in Physical Education 
  • gain the necessary knowledge to lead a healthy and active lifestyle when they leave the academy 

Meet the Physical Education teachers

Name Role About them 
D. Patten  Head of Department Mr Patten joined the Academy in 2020 having taught in East London for 12 years.
G. Norman Teacher and Head of House  Ms Norman has been at the Academy for 3 years. Ms Norman leads on GCSE PE 
M. Button  Teacher and Head of House  Mr Button has been at the Academy for 4 years, Mr Button oversees all matters football.

P. Sullivan

Teacher and Head of House  Ms Sullivan has been at the academy for 4 years; Ms Sullivan teaches a range of subjects and leads on Child Development
E. Prior  Teacher and Head of 6th Form Ms Prior has been at the academy for 6 years and has progressed onto the School CLT as head of 6th form 

Curriculum Statement

Key Stage 3

  • In Year 7 the PE Department delivers; Football, Netball, Dance, Striking and Fielding, OAA/Problem Solving, Athletics and Trampolining.  
  • In Year 8 the PE department delivers; Football, Basketball, Dance, Health and Fitness, Rugby, Table Tennis, striking and fielding and Athletics.
  • In Year 9 the PE department delivers; Football, Basketball, Dance, Health and Fitness, Rugby, Table Tennis, striking and fielding and Athletics 

These sports are delivered in line with the guidance given in the national curriculum for Key stage 3 PE. 

View our Key Stage 3 Physical Education Curriculum Map 

Key Stage 4

In KS4 the PE department currently deliver GCSE PE to a select group and BTEC PE to the entire cohort of students – the GCSE course will be phased out after this year and all students in KS4 will be entered for BTEC PE. 

The BTEC Sport qualification allows students to gain a greater understanding of physical fitness, which will help them to maintain a healthy active lifestyle throughout their lives. 

All Year 10 and Year 11 BTEC students undertake two hours of Theory and practical activity per week. This meets the Department for Education recommendation of two hours PE that allows students to plan and participate in a regular, frequent and balanced programme of PE. This contributes to and helps sustain a healthy and active lifestyle, amongst other things. The following units are studied. 

Unit 1: Fitness for sport and exercise - EXAM 

Unit 2: Practical performance in sport - INTERNAL 

Unit 3: Applying the principles of personal training: INTERNAL (Synoptic) 

Unit 6: Leading sports activities: INTERNAL 

We have a duty to ensure not only that our students are physically active at school, but that they understand the importance of being physically during their adult lives. The BTEC PE syllabus allows students to fully understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and diet, both through childhood and adulthood. 

View our Key Stage 4 Physical Education Curriculum Map 

Key Stage 5

In KS5 the PE department currently deliver Lvl3 BTEC Nationals in SPORT and Sport and Exercise Science – The SPORT course is being phased out to be replaced by the Sport and Exercise Science course, as we believe this course to be a better foundational pathway onto university study 

BTEC National Extended Certificate SPORT course: 

  • Unit 1 Anatomy and Physiology - EXTERNAL 
  • Unit 2 Fitness Training and Programming for Health, Sport and Well-being - EXTERNAL 
  • Unit 3 Professional Development in the Sports Industry - INTERNAL 
  • Unit 6 Sports Psychology - INTERNAL 

BTEC National Extended Certificate Sport and Exercise Science course:  

  • Unit 2 Functional Anatomy - EXTERNAL  
  • Unit 3 Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology - EXTERNAL 
  • Unit 6 Coaching for Performance and fitness – INTERNAL 
  • Unit 7 Biomechanics in sport and exercise science - INTERNAL 

View our Key Stage 5 Physical Education Curriculum Map

What qualifications can be gained? 

  • KS4 – BTEC First Sport L1/2 (Pass, Merit, Distinction) 2021 onwards 
  • KS4 -  AQA GCSE PE Y11 – 2020/21 
  • KS5 – BTEC National Extended Certificate in SPORT (Pass, Merit, Distinction) Y13 – 2020/21 
  • KS5 – BTEC National Extended Certificate in Sport and Exercise Science (Pass, Merit, Distinction) 2021 onwards 

How does Physical Education prepare students for the next stage of their education or employment?  

  • KS3 students will be preparing for the KS4 BTEC course by being taught the rules and regulations and have some time to referee/umpire the sports they will be participating in (Unit 2) as well as having a chance to lead sports activates in group work (Unit 6). During the HACA Warmups students will be focusing on a component of fitness and its place within the sport they are playing (Unit 1)  
  • KS4 students will be implementing prior learning from KS3 as well as learning new content that will supplement their knowledge into KS5 
  • KS5 students will be taught functional anatomy, sports psychology, coaching for performance and fitness and biomechanics – all key topics of study in Sports Science University courses.  

More Information

More information about our curriculum can be found by looking at our curriculum overviews