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Our uniform policy encourages a sense of pride, belonging and loyalty to the community of which all students are members. The policy also removes any visible manifestations of inequality. The policy is applied consistently and in a fair manner without exception.

Students must display exemplary behaviour at all times when wearing Academy uniform; they must not bring the Academy into disrepute. The Academy has the legal authority to discipline students in line with our behaviour policy for any misbehaviour that occurs both in and outside of school including whilst students are wearing our uniform outside of the Academy.

This policy should be read in its entirety. However, some of the key points include:

  • Banned Item List (including update on jewellery)
  • Uniform items and further requirements of presentation

Students are expected to adhere to the policy at all times, including on their journey to and from the Academy. When a student is not in full uniform or expected appearance, they will not be permitted to attend lessons. In such cases, students will, if parents can be contacted and informed, be sent home to change, or alternatively undertake supervised work within the “Reflection room” until the correct uniform is brought to them, or until the student is of correct appearance.

If in any doubt about the details of the uniform policy, and to save time and anguish, please contact the Academy.  It is better to check than to rely on assurances from students which could be incorrect.


The Academy is a place of learning and not a place to demonstrate or show off the latest fashion accessories, clothes or footwear. The Academy has the legal power to confiscate any items that it has banned. Any confiscated items can be destroyed. Banned items will be confiscated, regardless of to whom they belong. High value objects such as mobile phones and electronic devices will be kept in a secure place until the end of the confiscation period. Mobile phones will be confiscated until a parent / carer comes in to collect it. All other confiscated items will be kept until the end of the half term. The rules on confiscation are applied without exception.

  • Mobile phones* (if brought to school as a necessity it must be switched off and placed in bag or locker for duration of the day in school. Not to be seen or heard anywhere on school grounds including playground, field and between building and gates)
  • Large amounts of money
  • High value items and electronic items (MP3 players and similar)
  • All non-uniform items of clothing, including, Hoodies and non-Academy jumpers, Baseball caps & Jewellery (with the exception of a watch - smart watches are not permitted)*
  • Handbags (see bag item below)*
  • Fizzy drinks and ‘energy’ drinks
  • Glass bottles and containers
  • Aerosol sprays and spray body fragrances 
  • Pointed objects/blades (a compass in a maths set is permissible)
  • Chewing gum
  • Toys, laser pens and fidget spinners
  • Birthday accessories (e.g. large badges, sashes or balloons)
  • Any item that is deemed by the Leadership Team to disrupt learning
  • Any item/substance that is prohibited by law

The Academy will not accept any liability for any claim arising from theft, accidental loss or damage to personal effects, money, belongings or clothing whilst on the premises, even if lost after being confiscated by the Academy. Please do not wear them or bring them to the Academy if they are not allowed.

UNIFORM ITEMS and further requirements of presentation



Further requirements


Navy blazer with school logo as supplied by our uniform supplier

  • To be kept in a smart, clean appearance and worn during the day as well as to and from the academy unless directed otherwise by staff
  • Sleeves to be worn at full length, not rolled up
  • Only academy issued badges to be worn on blazer


Grey box pleat

  • Skirts must be knee length and not shortened by rolling them up around the waist


Plain white with collar

  • The shirt should be tucked in at all times, buttoned to the top, long or short sleeves
  • No designer shirts or fitted blouses


Classic style, full length

Girls: Grey

Boys: Grey

  • Trousers should not be boot cut or tight fitting
  • No jeans, washed black, corduroy, jean-like material, high fashion trousers, leggings or shorts
  • Trousers should be worn with a secure fit around the waist
  • Belts should be plain black,  not oversized buckles or clasps


School tie only

  • Ties must be worn with a neat knot covering the top button and with the Haberdashers’ crest clearly visible below the knot


Navy V neck sleeved or sleeveless jumper 

  • No other jumpers may be worn (note banned items above regarding hoodies)
  • Blazers must still be worn on top of jumper


Plain black or white

  • No patterns, logos or accessories (ribbons, bows etc)
  • Length of socks may vary from top of ankle to below knee


Plain black tights only (not leggings)

  • No patterns, fishnet or accessorised tights


Plain black leather only

  • Not suede or casual style
  • No boots (covering ankles) or trainers
  • Shoes must fully cover toes
  • Shoes to be worn to and from the academy for entire journey – trainers not permitted.

PE Kit

Navy jogging bottoms 

Navy sweatshirt

Navy Shorts

White polo shirt

Plain black or white trainers

  • No patterns or logos are allowed apart from the school crest
  • Plain items without the school crest are acceptable 
  • From year 8, students will require a royal blue rugby shirt will be required
  • Students participating in extra curricular sporting activities will also require studded boots, gum shield and shin pads
  • Shorts should not be tight fitting unless under other clothing


Plain navy or plain black only

  • Not to be worn inside building
  • No denim, leather, patterns or other colours.  Rain hoods on coats may be attached but only worn up in wet weather
  • Safety stripes allowed but no other patterns


Sturdy rucksack style bag

  • Must be deemed appropriate and large enough to hold all school books (normally A4 size) and folders. 


Plain navy or black only

  • No pashminas


Plain navy or black only

  • Baseball caps are not allowed
  • Winter pull-on woolly hats plain navy or black permitted to and from the academy but not worn in the building
  • No other headwear is permitted to be worn in the Academy unless it is for religious reasons or because of medical conditions.  In these cases written confirmation is required from the parent / carer which will be kept on the pupils’ file.

Head Scarf

Plain navy or Black only (if worn for religious reasons)

  • Please discuss further with leadership team for individual cases not covered here in this policy


Not permitted

  • No make-up or fake tan should be worn (including false eyelashes)
  • No long / false / acrylic nails or nail polish should be worn.
  • No visible lip-gloss, Vaseline, eyeliner etc.
  • No Non-prescription contact lenses 


Only a watch is permitted

  • No studs or jewellery are permitted at all
  • No other accessories are to be worn or attached to clothing


Hair longer than shoulder length to be tied back

  • Hair ribbons, slides or bands to be plain navy or black only
  • Shaved eyebrows are not permitted
  • Any facial hair to be well kept / well-trimmed



Some families may wish their children to wear amended uniform for reason of religious conviction. In these cases, a student may wear a Shalwar Kameez with appropriate academy trouser and with the academy blazer also worn. Alternatively, a student may wear an Abaya (hoodless only) which should be one piece and have full academy uniform worn with it (academy trousers/skirt underneath and academy blazer also worn). You should discuss these requirements with your head of year if you have further concerns. Should these options be taken, they should be plain black.


 Equipment for School 

 Pupils will need to be fully prepared for each school day and bring with them:

  • 2 pens (rollerball/biro or fountain pen) in black or blue
  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Rubber
  • 30cm ruler
  • Coloured pencils and a basic set of felt tip pens
  • A clear plastic angle measure or protractor and compass
  • A scientific calculator
  • A reading book 

Eraser pens may be used but correction fluid in bottles and pens are not permitted.

All items of personal property should be marked with the owners name.

Pupils are currently not permitted to borrow other pupils property due to Covid-19.

Please note that we expect pupils to treat their own possessions and also school equipment with equal care and respect. Books and items of school equipment are provided on the understanding that pupils take care of them. Pupils who damage or lose school property are required to meet the cost of the replacement. 

The Academy uniform suppliers are:


37 Pickford Lane

Bexleyheath DA7 4QU

Tel: 0208 298 9085

Email: enquiries@boffinsschoolwear.com


TFS School & Dancewear Ltd 

45 Spital Street

Dartford DA1 2DX

Tel: 01322 291838

email: enquiries@tfsclothing.co.uk