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SIMS Parent

Crayford Academy has introduced SIMS Parent app to allow the exchange of data between the school and parents in a secure method.  This will ensure that the data held on your child and you is correct and as up to date as you advise.

Getting Started

  • An email was sent out by the school inviting parents to register with SIMS Parent, from ‘noreply@sims.co.uk’. 

(If you haven’t received the email it may be sitting in your junk folder. Please check. Or the school may have your email address incorrectly stored in its database. Please contact the school if no email has been received)

  • Access the site www.sims-parent.co.uk  
  • Download the App ‘Sims Parent
  • An icon is available on the device that takes users directly to the app.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do parents/carers download the app? 

SIMS Parent app can be downloaded from either the Apple app store or the Google Play store. Search for SIMS Parent, and follow the download and registration instructions.

How do parents/carers log in?

When parent/guardians are invited to the system, they will receive an email directing them to complete the registration process for SIMS Parent.

Parent/guardians can access the SIMS Parent website by going to https://www.sims-parent.co.uk.

Once the SIMS Parent app is downloaded onto a mobile device, an icon will be available on the device menu that will take users directly to the app.

Can parents/carers with children who attend different SIMS Parent school combine their accounts?

It is now possible for parent/carers to use the same login details to register with multiple SIMS Parent schools. This will allow users to change school once inside SIMS Parent from a drop-down menu located on the school name in the top right-hand corner of the page.

I am a member of staff and have children at the same school. Do I need to register twice?

No. You need to register only once, either as a parent/carers or as a member of staff. It does not matter who you register as so long as you have a joint profile in SIMS.

What is the email address being used to send emails to parents/carers, pupils and staff?

The email address noreply@sims.co.uk is used. Please add noreply@sims.co.uk to your email white list to ensure that emails are not sent to your junk folder.

What parent/carer records are being pulling into SIMS Parent?

SIMS Parent pulls through all individuals with parental responsibility, regardless of the contact priority recorded in SIMS.

If a person with parental responsibility has a current court order recorded in SIMS against their relationship with all of their children, the parent/carer will not be recognised by SIMS Parent.

If a person with parental responsibility has a current court order recorded in SIMS against their relationship with one or more (but not all) of their children, the parent/carer will be recognised by SIMS Parent but the parent/carer will not have access to the data relating to those children.


If you have any further queries please email the school creception@haaf.org.uk