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Crayford Academy

Contacting Staff

If you need to contact a member of staff we recommend that you email them in the first instance. This is due to their busy teaching schedules which can make it difficult for them to speak to you on the phone during the school day.  

Staff email addresses generally follow the rule of firstinitial.surname@haaf.org.uk, however there occasionally exceptions to that rule.

For general enquiries please email creception@haaf.org.uk 

Below is a list of staff whose email addresses may be of assistance to you: 

Form Tutors


Mr M Button



Mr G McCormack



Mr T Hillsdon t.hillsdon@haaf.org.uk 


Ms A Edinboro a.edinboro@haaf.org.uk 


Ms B Akinyemi b.akinyemi@haaf.org.uk   


Ms J Diamond j.diamond@haaf.org.uk 


Mr C Amechi c.amechi@haaf.org.uk 


Mrs A Ibironke a.ibironke@haaf.org.uk 
8CXC Ms S Burdett s.burdett@haaf.org.uk 
8CYA Ms P Sullivan p.sullivan@haaf.org.uk 
8CYB Mrs Y Elmi  y.elmi@haaf.org.uk 
8CYC Mrs S Adebola s.adebola@haaf.org.uk 
9CXA Mrs L Marinou/Mr S Opperman l.marinou@haaf.org.uk / s.opperman@haaf.org.uk 
9CXB Mr M Rawbone  m.rawbone@haaf.org.uk 
9CXC Ms E Orotayo e.orotayo@haaf.org.uk 
9CYA Mrs T Ogunlana t.ogunlana@haaf.org.uk 
9CYB Ms C Locke c.locke@haaf.org.uk 
9CYC Ms J Davies J.davies@haaf.org.uk 
9CYD Ms E Smith e.smith@haaf.org.uk 
10CA Ms C Hociosman/Mr F Winston c.hociosman@haaf.org.uk / f.winston@haaf.org.uk 
10CB Ms G Norman g.norman@haaf.org.uk 
10CC Ms S Fabert s.fabert@haaf.org.uk 
10CD Mr C Durugo c.durugo@haaf.org.uk 
10CE Ms A Mackay/Mrs C Chalaye a.mackay@haaf.org.uk / c.chalaye@haaf.org.uk 
10CF Mrs E Giles/Ms L Stanhope e.giles@haaf.org.uk / l.stanhope@haaf.org.uk 
11CA Mr S Hitchings  s.hitchings@haaf.org.uk 
11CB Mrs V Ayling  v.ayling@haaf.org.uk 
11CC Mr D Edwards d.edwards@haaf.org.uk 
11CD Mr E Aremu e.aremu@haaf.org.uk 
11CE Mrs F Issifu f.issifu@haaf.org.uk 
11CF Mrs A Adeyemi  a.adeyemi@haaf.org.uk 
12A Ms C Avila Nieto c.avilaneito@haaf.org.uk 
12B Mr S Bangard s.bangard@haaf.org.uk 
12C Mr D Ramchurit d.ramchurit@haaf.org.uk 
13A Ms K Gough k.perry-gough@haaf.org.uk 
13B Ms A Jago/Mr A McManus a.jago@haaf.org.uk / a.mcmanus@haaf.org.uk 
13C Ms J Robinson  j.robinson@haaf.org.uk 


Heads of Department

English  Mrs H Squire h.squire@haaf.org.uk 
Maths Mrs K Ohiafi k.ohiafi@haaf.org.uk 
Science Dr R Nisi r.nisi@haaf.org.uk 
Art & Design Mr D Edwards d.edwards@haaf.org.uk 
Biology Mr S Bangard s.bangard@haaf.org.uk 
Business Studies Mrs F Issifu i.issifu@haaf.org.uk 
Computing  Mr A Curtis a.curtis@haaf.org.uk 
Drama Ms A Edinboro a.edinboro@haaf.org.uk 
Health & Social Care Ms A Mackay a.mackay@haaf.org.uk 
Humanities Mrs E Giles e.giles@haaf.org.uk 
MFL Ms K Kapoti k.kapoti@haaf.org.uk 
Music Ms C Haciosman c.haciosman@haaf.org.uk 
PE Mr M Rawbone m.rawbone@haaf.org.uk 


Heads of Year

Year 7 Miss E Blanchard e.blanchard@haaf.org.uk 
Year 8 Ms S Twiner s.twiner@haaf.org.uk 
Year 9 Mr B Alomoge b.alomoge@haaf.org.uk 
Year 10 Mr Y Elmi y.elmi1@haaf.org.uk 
Year 11 Ms T Middlemiss t.middlemiss@haaf.org.uk 
Sixth Form Mrs M Marshall m.marshall@haaf.org.uk