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Crayford Academy

Parent Governor Candidates

Crayford Academy Parent Governor Candidates

Parent governor elections have now closed. Please do read more about your candidates for Parent Governor at Crayford Academy below. 

Linda Wake

As a resident who has lived in the area for 40+ years I am keen to see our local academy support local children in achieving the best they possibly can. My son is currently in Year 8 and I very much hope my daughter will be joining the Academy soon. I am committed for the long term; ensuring the academy meets the standards to provide the best quality education for our children. Every child is unique and it is important that our academy recognises this and builds to the strengths of our children through education and extra curriculum activities allowing them to achieve their full potential. I am a CFO and Board Director of a global market research business so bring experience and skills to improve performance, manage employees, effectively manage budget, improve communications, grow and evolve with technology and deliver on the objectives set ensuring measurable outcomes.

Fiona Watkins

My name is Fiona Watkins I became a Parent Governor on 28th June 2016 and I am standing for re-election. In my time as Parent Governor I engaged in Governor meetings, attended Governor training and had regular involvement in school activities which means I have a strong understanding of both the statutory and strategic responsibilities that come with the post, but also of the day to day reality of school life for our pupils. I have special responsibility for SEND, an area that I am passionate about, and that aligns with my professional childcare education and experience. As a foster carer I am clear about the importance of effective and appropriate education for all. During my 4 years I have seen many changes, experienced an Ofsted inspection and seen the appointment of our new Principal. I hope to continue to support the school as we move through the current challenges.