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Overview of the department

PSHE is delivered by a number of experienced teachers all of whom have a relevant area of specialism which contribute to the department as whole and brings a holistic nature to the course.  The department is lead by Mrs Harvey who is an experienced Head of Department and has a passion for the subject. 

Meet the teachers

Name Subjects Taught
Mrs A Harvey Head of PSHE & RS
Mr G Goodrum Teacher of PE & PSHE
Mr D Patten Head of PE & Teacher of PSHE
Mr M Button Teacher of PE & PSHE
Miss O Brown Teacher of PE & PSHE
Mr O Ogundipe Teacher of Science & PSHE 
Mrs C Kumar Teacher of Science & PSHE
Miss B Akinyemi Teacher of Science & PSHE
Miss A Edinboro

Head of Performing Arts & Teacher of PSHE


The aim is to ensure that students develop their personal, social, emotional, spiritual, moral and cultural understanding and have the opportunity to discuss and debate these issues in a safe space.  Students focus on learning about and considering the life skills that are essential to life a happy and fulfilled life.  Students are provided with a series of lessons dedicated to the holistic development of our children, so our students leave not only as high achieving academics, but also as reflective, self-aware, considerate and confident citizens.   This course is not externally examined but students sit assessments each term to check their understanding of the content they have studied.  PSHE lessons covers statutory content as detailed in the Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education publications from department for Education as well as cover statutory educations relating to citizenship.  Additionally, to this in year 10 students cover core Religious Education topics as directed in the Bexley Agreed Syllabus.   Lessons include retrieval Do Now questions, and PE, PEE, and PEEL structures questions are used within lessons to mimic skills used in other subjects across the school.   

In line with the most recent guidance relating to RSE our schemes for learning relating to current learning topics can be found through this page and resources used for lessons are freely available upon request by completing this form: https://forms.office.com/e/2dVw0rrtyt 


PSHE Curriculum 

Year 7 - Relationships (Term 3)

Year 8 - Relationships (Term 3)

Year 9 - Relationships (Term 3)

Year 11 - RSE (Term 3)

Year 12 - RSE (Term 3)

Year 13 - RSE (Term 3)