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Year 10 students complete their final challenge as Community Apprentices.

A group of 11 students from Year 10 have now completed Envision’s Community-Apprentice competition. Team Tender Hearts have been supporting Tender, a charity who work to prevent domestic abuse through healthy and unhealthy relationship education.  


After 13-weeks as Community Apprentices, team Tender Hearts have completed three challenges: an awareness raising challenge in their school, a fundraiser at a local business and a pitching challenge where they presented about their journey at an inter-school event.  The team competed against four other schools to demonstrate they have shown the best use & development of determination, confidence and teamwork as well as overall commitment to make a difference in their local community.


The Fundraising Challenge


The team’s fundraiser was held at the offices of their business mentors, Heartwood Investment Management.  The students put on a variety of activities, using their initiative and creative thinking. They ran an auction, where they asked employees to volunteer favours such as no 9 AM meetings for three months! Some employees also agreed to have their legs waxed for the charity, which proved to be extremely entertaining alongside games such as the mummy challenge! Other activities included a raffle and a bake sale with lots of delicious Easter and Mother’s Day themed cakes! The students also presented to their mentors, developing their public speaking skills, and receiving feedback from professionals. Through their activities the team raised a phenomenal £2218.90!


Thanks to the student’s phenomenal awareness and fundraising efforts, the team at Tender decided to recognise them at the Annual Tender Awards, where the team received an award for ‘Fundraising team of the year.’ The awards were hosted by Oscar award winning actress Olivia Coleman, and it was fantastic to see the student’s achievements recognised at such an inspiring event.


The Pitching Challenge


For their final challenge, the students presented in front of a panel of judges and the other four schools about their journey on the Community Apprentice. The team’s presentation was extremely engaging, and they used a fantastic amount of creativity. The judges were particularly impressed with their audience interaction, where they used a statistic to highlight the importance of their charity. The presentation was delivered with incredible confidence and was extremely enjoyable to watch.  


The presentation included the teams’ journey on the Community-Apprentice programme and the key employability skills they have developed. The team also had the opportunity to reflect on this with their business mentors after their presentation. One student highlighted 'I enjoyed learning to work with others, and not taking control. Letting everyone contribute their different skills and strengths.' Another student agreed saying ‘we have grown as a team and learned new skills for our future- we have worked so well together.'


It was great to celebrate all that Team Tender Hearts have achieved at this inspiring inter-school event. They should be extremely proud of what they have achieved.