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Modern Foreign Languages

Overview of the Modern Foreign Languages department

The limits of my language are the limits of my world

Ludwig Wittgenstein 

Languages open doors – professionally, personally and socially. Establishing and maintaining links with other places and cultures is essential in creating an open and prosperous world. In the MFL department at Crayford Academy, we foster and develop a desire to communicate with and understand the wider world around us. We recognise that students join us with varying experiences with foreign languages, and may have preconceptions about the relevance and transferability of their foreign languages.

Our curriculum in MFL provides students with challenging and developed linguistic and cultural knowledge which are ambitious for all of our students. Students develop the linguistic awareness to empower them to become ambitious, independent and engaged linguists with an ability to understand varied and authentic language and produce fluent written and spoken responses in a variety of contexts and for different purposes. We also offer students a great variety of extracurricular opportunities such as after school cultural clubs, educational trips abroad, visits to the French institute in London and other house events such as Christmas card competitions which students enjoy thoroughly! 

Meet the teachers

Name Role About them 
Ms K Kapoti  Head of Department, Teacher of French & Spanish      Ms Kapoti joined the Academy in  2018. She studied French and Spanish at the university Jean Moulin 3 in Lyon. She is passionate about empowering young people achieve their full potential and has a special interest in raising cultural awareness and love for languages.
Ms A Farias Teacher of Spanish Ms Farias joined the Academy in 2023.
Mr A Helin Teacher of French & Spanish  Mr Helin joined the Academy in 2021.

Curriculum Statement

Key Stage 3

Students at KS3 at Crayford academy in French are using a curriculum that is designed to help all of our students shine. The themes taught drive engagement through interesting, culture-focused content, differentiated into Higher and foundation tier designed to give students the tools to apply language in different contexts, enabling them to demonstrate their knowledge and skills to the best of their ability. The curriculum teaches the skills the students will need such as: 

  • translation and understanding authentic and literary texts
  • helps them to understand what is expected at each tier in the linear assessments
  • uses real life context and cultural context to give a sense of purpose to language learning
  • it is carefully planned to allow for progression and has an accessible approach to help students build up their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, helping them learn to manipulate language independently across a range of contexts.  

Learning through an innovative and creative way through apps and online platforms emphasis is given on communicative structures consolidating learning across the key skills through in a fun approach to grammar. Also, learners are invited to reflect on sounds and cognates, to practice and revisit classroom vocabulary and common expressions in context and develop reading techniques. This software also includes printable worksheets to complement and build on the interactive activities. 

We use the Pearson complete language suite for 11–14 French. With a fresh approach to traditional topics that brings them right up to date, Studio 11-14 French is packed with content that pupils will enjoy learning. It moves at the right pace– whether or not they have prior French knowledge - and opens a window to the French-speaking world. We boost engagement with the online front-of-class teaching resources including the Pupil Books onscreen, audio and interactive activities, and modern video. 


View our Key Stage 3 French Curriculum Map

View our Key Stage 3 Spanish Curriculum Map

Key Stage 4

The curriculum at KS4 at Haberdasher’s has been developed to help students of all abilities progress and develop a passion for languages, through culturally engaging content.  The course allows students to develop their ability to communicate with French and Spanish native speakers in both speech and writing. Students will study across a variety of contexts relevant to their age and interests and will also develop a greater awareness of culture of French/Spanish speaking communities and countries. The content has been structured across five themes: The five themes are:  Identity and culture, Local area, holiday and travel, School , Future aspirations, study and work, International and global dimension. In addition, the authentic situations and stimuli enable students to see language in context and learn about the culture of the target language country.  

View our Key Stage 4 French Curriculum Map

View our Key Stage 4 Spanish Curriculum Map

What qualifications can be gained?

The qualification that the students get would is an Edexcel GCSE in French or Spanish 9-1. 

How does Modern Foreign Languages prepare students for the next stage of their education or employment?

It is an inspirational course of study that will enable our students to manipulate and use the target language effectively, independently and creatively, so that they have a solid basis from which to progress to A Level or employment. 

Key Stage 5 

Students at Haberdashers’ Aske’s Crayford Academy who study A-Level French study the AQA course because it constitutes an integrated study with a focus on language, culture and society. It fosters a range of transferable skills including communication, critical thinking, research skills and creativity, which are valuable to the individual and society.? Students study technological and social change, looking at diversity and the benefits it brings. They will study highlights of French/Spanish-speaking artistic culture, including francophone music and cinema, and learn about political engagement and who wields political power in the French/ Spanish -speaking world.  

Students also study either one book and one film or two books and they must appreciate, analyse and be able to respond critically in writing in French to the work they have studied. Their understanding of the work must include a critical appreciation of the concepts and issues covered and a critical and analytical response to features such as the form and the technique of presentation as appropriate to the work studied. In addition, students will develop research skills in?French/Spanish , demonstrating the ability to initiate and conduct individual research on a subject of personal interest, relating to the country or countries where?the language ?is spoken.

View our Key Stage 5 French Curriculum Map

View our Key Stage 5 Spanish Curriculum Map 

What qualifications will be gained?

The qualification the students will get is an AQA A Level French or Spanish.   

How does this prepare students for the next stage of their education and employment?

It fosters a range of transferable skills including communication, critical thinking, research skills and creativity, which are valuable to the individual and society. 

More Information

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