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As part of the vertical tutor group strategy, students are allocated to one of four Hubs. The Hubs are an integral part of life at the Academy and aims to provide a sense of competition and fun through a range of academic, community, creative, cultural and sporting activities.

Our Hubs are called; Active Science (AS), Creative Voice (CV), Enterprise (ET) and World Studies (WS). The Hub programme provides opportunities for students of all ages to take responsibility, work as part of a team, face new challenges and acquire new skills.

Each Hub is led by an Assistant Principal and a Pastoral & Wellbeing Mentor.  The name of your child’s tutor group reflects the Hub that your child belongs to (e.g. pupils of the Active Science Hub will begin AS followed by a number).  

Pupils from the same family will usually belong to the same Hub but may be in different tutor groups. This allows the school to build good relationships between the key pastoral staff and the whole family. 

School Hubs





Enterprise (ET)

Mrs K Ohiafi

Mrs K Buss

Creative Voice (CV)

Ms A Edinboro

Ms N Hall

Active Science (AS)

Mr J Marrill

Mrs V Corbisiero-Hye

World Studies (WS)

Mrs M Noonan

Ms H Lutchmiah