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The way that schools are required to report their results has changed in 2016.

There have also been changes to the National Curriculum and to the exams, tests and assessments that children are required to sit.

Due to all those changes the measures reported below are not comparable with those published before 2016. The Department for Education has published some information to explain these new measures which is available from the school performance tables web site.

The 2019 provisional results are published in mid-October and final results published in January 2020.

This is available by clicking the link below.

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GCSE exam Results

Attainment Measure

2019 result

Attainment 8 score


% of pupils achieving grade 5 or above in English and mathematics


% of pupils entering the English Baccalaureate 


EBacc average point score


% of students staying in education or employment after Key Stage 4 (destinations)


Progress Measure 2019 result
Progress 8 score -0.27
Progress 8 English -0.27
Progress 8 Maths +0.24
Progress 8 EBacc -0.40
Progress 8 Open -0.50


Sixth Form Exam Results

Measure  2019 Result
Average grade (applied general qualifications)  Merit+
Average grade (academic qualifications) D+
Progress made by students (vocational) +0.10
Progress made by students (academic qualifications) -0.54
Retention (% of students who get to the end of the main programme of study that they are enrolled onto) N/A
Destination (% of students who continue in education or training, or move on to employment at the end of study) 85% (2017 leavers)