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Design & Technology

Overview of the Design & Technology Department

The curriculum intent for Design & Technology is to equip learners to deal with tomorrow's rapidly changing world. It encourages learners to become independent, creative problem solvers and thinkers as individuals and part of a team. It enables them to identify needs and opportunities and to respond to them by developing a range of ideas and by making products and systems. Through the evaluation of past and present design and technology, they develop a critical understanding of its impact on daily life and the wider world. 

Through the study of core technical principles, specialist technical principles and design and making principles, learners combine practical skills with an understanding of aesthetic, social and environmental issues, as well as functions and industry. This allows them to reflect on and evaluate past and present technology, its uses and impact. With this knowledge, students are prepared to be able to use technology through creating, designing and making. Learners will be able use design and technology to develop their ideas into a suitable level that will set them up for the future workplace and to become active contributors in the digital world we now live in. 

Meet the Design & Technology teachers

Name Role About them 
Mr D Edwards  Head of Department  Mr Edwards joined the Academy in 2018. He is passionate about the Arts and Design Technology and has a special interest in Photography 
Mrs A Jago Second in Charge Mrs Jago is a very experienced teacher who is also part of the innovation team supporting the development of teaching in the school. Mrs Jago has been sharing her expertise with students at Crayford Academy since 2013
Mr A McManus Teacher Mr McManus' key interest is for three-dimensional design and photography. This provides our students further opportunities to develop skills in the creative industry. Mr McManus has taught at Crayford Academy since 2018.
Miss J Davies Teacher Miss Davies is a key member of the department who joined in 2018. She has developed topics and projects for our students. Miss Davies' big passion is painting and she works tirelessly to support our students to achieve.
Mrs P Quagraine Teacher

Miss Quagraine joined the school in 2023 and is the lead teacher for Hospitality and Catering. She also teaches Art and Design.

Curriculum Statement

Key Stage 3

At KS3 students explore Design Technology focusing on the design process real life designers use. Students build skills in a range of different materials including wood, plastics and fabrics.  

The KS3 SOL is designed to directly link to GCSE Design Technology and Food Technology.  

View our year 7 Design Technology curriculum 

View our year 8 Design Technology curriculum 

View our year 9 Design Technology curriculum 

Key Stage 4

View our Key Stage 4 Design Technology curriculum  

View our key stage 4 Hospitality & Catering curriculum

How does Design & Technology prepare students for the next stage of their education or employment?

At Crayford Academy, we believe that the study of Design and Technology builds up valuable skills in creative problem solving, empathic understanding of others’ needs and preparing learners for real life scenarios.   


More Information

More information about our curriculum can be found by looking at our curriculum overviews