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Overview of the Citizenship Department

Our GCSE Citizenship Studies specification will motivate and educate our students to become thoughtful and active citizens who engage intelligently and enthusiastically with public life. 

Students will gain knowledge of democracy, government and law, and develop the ability to create sustained, well balanced arguments. Communication skills are increasingly sought after by employers: our specification will enhance students’ writing and speaking styles. 

Meet the Citizenship teachers

Name Role About them 
Ms K Atwell  Vice Principal, Teacher of Citizenship, Designated Safeguarding Lead  Ms Atwell joined the team in September 2020 as the schools Designated Safeguarding Lead and Vice Principal. She has a wealth of experience as a Citizenship teacher and is excited to begin the course here at Crayford.
Miss E Prior  Assistant Principal, Teacher of Citizenship and Head of Sixth Form& Transition  Miss Prior is Head of the Sixth Form team at Crayford Academy and has a wealth of experience as a teacher having taught PE, Citizenship and Health and Social Care.

Curriculum Statement

Key Stage 4

Our Citizenship GCSE curriculum is intended to:  

  • Provide powerful knowledge about our civic society and social world  
  • Develop a high level of civic literacy, enabling our students to engage in modern British society in a thoughtful, critical and informed way and in doing so fulfil their civic responsibility to engage powerfully with our democracy  
  • Provide social and cultural literacy, which will enable students to engage fully in British culture, society, literature, and the arts  
  • Develop a working knowledge of and practical appreciation for the diverse range of groups and cultures present in our school, local and national community  
  • Instil an understanding of and respect for the fundamental British values of democracy, tolerance, individual liberty and the rule of law  
  • Enable our students to engage actively and productively in the social, cultural, religious, civic and political life of the United Kingdom as thoughtful and reflective citizens.  

Through our Citizenship curriculum, we intend to induct students into the epistemology and skills of Social Sciences. We seek to develop students’ capacity to:  

Analyse critically the different perspectives, explanations and arguments of others  

  • Develop reasoned and well justified lines of argument in a variety of academic contexts  
  • Apply the principles of empirical research and evidence gathering to different research questions and contexts.  

Alongside this, we seek to develop the skills and dispositions to allow our students to take effective and informed Citizenship action. 

View our Key Stage 4 Citizenship Curriculum Map

What qualifications can be gained?

From studying this course, students will gain a full GCSE in Citizenship.  

How does Citizenship prepare students for the next stage of their education or employment?


Key Stage 4 Citizenship provides students with a wide range of skills useful for either their next stage of education or future employment. These skills include the ability to assess sources of information to an extent that means they can make sound and supported judgements on it. This will also enable students to determine what information is useful to them and think critically about different situations. These skills make Key Stage 4 the ideal candidates to take on a range of subjects at Key Stage 5 including; Government and Politics, Philosophy, Sociology and many more, and as critical and reflective thinking skills which are highly desirable to employers.  

More Information

More information about our curriculum can be found by looking at our curriculum overviews