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Overview of the Art department

Art and Design engages us in a highly creative and interrogative learning process. In Art and Design at the Crayford Academy we encourage ‘individuality’ and furthermore, we believe strongly that Art and Design education should be accessible to all and that is why all students at KS3 have the opportunity to study the subject every week, with a view to progressing further at KS4 to GCSE level and beyond.  To quote from the National Curriculum: 

  • Art and Design develops spiritual values and contributes to a wider understanding to the experience of life, which helps build a balanced personality.  
  • Art and Design is the freedom of the individual, the freedom of expression and the freedom to fail without retort
  • Art and Design promotes independent learning. Students learn experientially through an activity, which they practise with their own eyes, hands and personality.
  • Art and Design teaches transferrable skills: creative thought and action, skills in planning, time management and problem solving to name but a few. Our mission is to provide all students with an appreciation of creativity and an aesthetic awareness of the natural and human-made world.

Our mission is to provide students with the opportunity to experience the joy and pleasure of making and the means and language to express and communicate ideas.  We recognise individual worth and to develop the full potential of all our students.

It is our belief that a broad and balanced Art and Design education is the entitlement of every student regardless of ethnic origin, gender, class, aptitude or disability. 

Meet the Art and Design teachers

Name Role About them 
Mr D. Edwards  Head of Department  Mr Edwards joined the Academy two years ago. He is passionate about Art and Design and has a special interest in Photography.
Mrs A. Jago  Second in charge   Mrs Jago is a very experienced teacher who is also part of the innovation team supporting the development of teaching in the school.
Miss J. Davies Teacher Miss Davies is a key member of the department who has developed topics and projects for our students. Miss Davies' big passion is painting and works tirelessly to support our students to achieve.
Mr A. McManus   Teacher  Mr McManus key interest is for three-dimensional design and photography. This provides our students further opportunities to develop skills in the creative industry.
Miss Quagraine Teacher Miss Quagraine joined the school in 2023 and is the lead teacher for Hospitality and Catering. She also teaches Art and Design.

Curriculum Statement

Students study a wide and full curriculum in Art and Design to fully prepare our students for Key Stage Four and Five. At Key Stage Three students develop keys skills in Art and Design, from drawing and painting skills, Sculpture, Print making as well as their ability to analyse and critique their work and the work of others. Each skill is refined in preparation for the qualifications the department offers at Key Stage Four and Five. 

At GCSE the department offers Art, Craft and Design and Three-Dimensional Design and students can study A Level Art or A Level Photography. 

We encourage students to take an analytical and reflective approach to their understanding of methods, processes and outcomes of their own work and that of others. The subject encourages refinement of ideas so that our students understand how to develop their skills and ideas even further. The breadth of these skills, knowledge, understanding and experience will only strengthen creativity further. Creativity is something that nearly all employers desire in many varied fields and is seen globally as one of our country’s strengths. The Art departments’ aim is to inspire all students to unlock their creativity and to foster a work ethic that allows them to explore a range of approaches, ideas and outcomes successfully. 

View our Key Stage 3 Art and Design Curriculum Map

View our Key Stage 4 Art and Design Curriculum Map 

View our Key Stage 5 Art and Design Curriculum Map

What qualifications can be gained?

From studying this course, students will gain a full GCSE in Art & Design.

More Information

More information about our curriculum can be found by looking at our curriculum overviews